Repulsion’s sound is based predominantly off a percussive, fritzy sound within the deeper end of Dubstep, the chill, sampled sounds of Lo-Fi Hip Hop and immersive atmospheres of Electronic Ambient. However, this producer’s roots began with Dubstep.

Starting production in 2011, Repulsion’s sound has evolved to it’s own unique and non-replicated flavor. With an ever growing fan base, features in Mixmag, support from bigger artists, labels and receiving releases from said labels, Repulsion’s growth has been at no halt.

“Starting production in 2011, I was brought into electronic music and other experimental genres of it’s basis like Dubstep, Industrial, Breakbeat and Lofi from a small car stereo and an SD cards of the early years’ UKF sound. Being inspired and wanting to take part in it, I began production in FL Studio 9. Since then, I have years, plenty of progress, signs with labels and more including the opportunity to play shows.”

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