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Producer of drum & bass and electronics music native from Mali

Hailing from Zimbabwe, Mudstompin Munkee brings all things African to her musical endeavours in the UK. Her background in a multitude of different genres; Dubstep, Ghetto Funk, Afro House, Electro Swing, Drum n Bass and Full on Pyschedelic craziness provided a strong platform from which to launch her new project.

Born and raised in Poland, but considering himself as a world citizen he loves to discover art and culture from all around the world. Surrounded by music from the early years thanks to his parents, who encouraged him to play instruments and to listen to a lot of different styles.

Monkixx [Pro-nounced Monk – Kicks], a London/Essex based Producer and DJ of all forms of Bass orientated music. Co-Owner of Route 1 Audio, Monkixx has a love for all genres of Bass orientated music. The show will consist of everything Monkixx is feeling within the Bass music scene, from Deep minimal dubstep, grime, future garage […]

GON, founder and owner of Melting Pot Records. Since 1999 Gonzalo Rubio aka GON has been dj´ing around the world, from his home town Madrid to Bogotá, Berlin, London, Paris, Strasbourg, Barcelona, Granada, Lyon, Valencia, Montpellier, Bucaramanga… Involved in the musical industry since then, he is the general manager of Melting Pot Records since it´s […]

Repulsion’s sound is based predominantly off a percussive, fritzy sound within the deeper end of Dubstep, the chill, sampled sounds of Lo-Fi Hip Hop and immersive atmospheres of Electronic Ambient. However, this producer’s roots began with Dubstep. Starting production in 2011, Repulsion’s sound has evolved to it’s own unique and non-replicated flavor. With an ever […]

CRY formally Dark Angel was born and raised in Bradley, Huddersfield. He started emerging as DJ/mc at the age of 15 when he started having a radio show with ruff justice on the folowing radio station, Unity FM, CurfewFM and Underground FM. CRY then became a member of the shockin’ Vibes Crew before venturing into […]

Drum & Bass DJ from Durban, South Africa Resident on Bassport FM

I love music all my life, this is how I found peace in my self! long and deep bass lines with funky drum rhythms makes me move…

Dj / Producer. Host Mind The Dubstep radio show on BassPort.FM w/Shiva every 1st and 3rd Wednesday 6-7pm GMT

Producer and Dj from Palermo, IT. Promoting Dubstep Palermo since 2010, year of its foundaton. Started performing around as DropC (since Sicily Music Village 2011) and working with Dnb Attack crew up to the end of 2012. Also part of the “future and forward thinking bass music collective” Mind The Dubstep, he runs the MTD […]

Meetsa is a new addition to Romanian Drum and Bass scene but his energy and dedication to the movement brings him to the surface. He started playing two years ago from the need to express his own ideas from a great area of styles he listens to. An open minded guy who seeks for inspiration […]

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