Spotlight Session Tips

Here's a check list to get the most from your Spotlight Session DJ mix slot on BassPort FM

Before you send us the file:

  • If possible use a MIC to record an introduction and voice overs so listeners can connect with you better as well as you being able to give promotion for yourself and how they can find out more about you.

After you've sent us the file but before it has aired:

  • Create a Facebook event like this (opens a new window with example event) and include;
    • What time you will be playing
    • How people can listen (BassPort FM website, app, Tunein etc)
    • Invite all your friends to the event
  • Send us your twitter handle so we can tweet when your session starts
  • Mixcloud/Soundcloud account URL so we can promote this for you at the time of your broadcast

Whilst it's on air:

  • Tweet when your event starts to invite your followers to listen
  • Tweet a few mentions of some of your favourite artist that you have included in the mix or any of your own tracks.
  • Join the chat room and interact with online listeners: BassPort FM Chat Room. I you want to be able to posts links then sign in (guests can't post links)

After it has aired:

  • Upload your session to your Soundcloud or Mixcloud account after your session has aired and share this will all your fans
  • Ask us about having your session uploaded to our Mixcloud account for extra exposure

Contact us for more details