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Next up from 140 Ninja is a 4 track roller-coaster of an EP from Lyndon Jarr entitled ‘Dark Jazz’ Shuffling hats, great basslines and a keen selection of vocal slices all shine through on this one. If you’re into your jazz laced dubstep this is definitely a release for you, equally that is only one of the many flavours on offer here. The EP features great contrasts between chilled out atmospheric sounds, well placed vocal samples, clever basslines and fast paced, driving drums.

Kicking off the journey is a track entitled Deep Blue. Rolling hats and a blend of different vocals lead way into a big open space of a drop. The rhythm builds on itself gradually with a lot of atmospheric synths adding to the vibe leading to a huge open break with a beautiful woodwind melody and brilliant layering skills between the synths, vocals and drums creating a very mellow and easy to chill to tune. The second drop comes in nicely with some darker elements added, the tension and release in this tune is fantastic. A relaxed mid range but with the driving underlying energy from the bass and drums leave it room to be pumped out of a system or enjoyed laying down with the sun feeling cold cos of this heater warming up your ears. A great tune to start a release on.

Spinning next is the tune dubbed Dark Jazz. Once again a very good intro, subtle atmospherics, a prominent, fast paced hi hat rhythm and vocal samples all play off each other leading up to a gorgeous bass filled build up to the drop. Lyndon’s ability to make his tunes breathe really takes off here. The drums drive energy that makes the tune feel very up beat but the sounds playing off each other give it space and clarity. The use of the vocal in this track is clever and keeps the tune alive and moving. There is something very attractive the way the beat slowly builds up introducing new elements but keeping that driving underlying power.

Akira is he third track on the album and my personal favourite. The layering and build up to the drop in this one is fantastic each element blending and showing a real talent on the producers part for selecting sounds. Crackling hi hats, a soft piano, delayed vocals, beautiful reverb and a rising synth give way to a tight and booming drop. A winding bassline, crisp drums and percussion sound work great in this wrapping around the wide open vista in the mid range with absolute mastery, the timings and space created here really are wonderful. Absolute vibes on his track, very deep and thought inspiring, amazing work here.

Last but certainly not least is Monochrome. Teaching us the ways of building up suspense again the intro features delayed dark synths, a soft but fast hitting hat leading into tight rolling percussion. As the tune progresses we are lead into a drop where the rhythm keeps building on itself creating a really fantastic blending of different elements. The great thing about this track is it gradually builds up to a break, then comes back in stomping with a gritty synth but still keeping hold of that huge open expanse Lyndon is really a genius at creating.

Lyndon Jarr has a great gift for telling a story over a series of tracks in this EP as well as keeping each track individual. The overall dynamics, sample selection, sound design and artistic vision are truly well done. I’d recommend anyone to listen through this release, it really deserves it and so do you.


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