From a very young age, I have been always close to music, being the son of a soundboy. My father was a dubplate soldier and Wadada was their sound system. My family had always played a major role in reggae music in the Yorkshire area of England and have had a number of nightclubs and events in the Huddersfield area including Venn St. Bar Amour , Legends and the Venn St. Reunion Event.

During the 90’s I was introduced to a new sound, Jungle! It was a way of life for me and has been ever since my first rave. The atmosphere, the music and flexibility within the scene soon became home and I have many fond memories from that time in my life.

At around sixteen I had been to a few raves around the Yorkshire area, the atmosphere was just electric.

I studied audiovisual at college and danced my woes away every Tuesday Wednesday Friday Saturday and Sunday. At D.O.P.E. LEEDS ,NY SHUSI LEEDS AND SHEFFIELD, TUESDAY CLUB SHEFFIELD, ARC LEEDS, BLOWERS MANCESTER, ARCHES SHEFFIELD.MUSIC FACTORY LEEDS, BEDROOMS LEEDS ETC. I had some really good times, memorably the one with dj Craze, Mc Foxy and Shotgun in Leeds when Foxy asked me if I wanted a drink and then returned with a whole bottle of brandy and no chaser, Mc Rammin and Ton piper were representing well in Leeds due to my raving habits. I didn’t have much money for records and decided to be an MC.. which I enjoyed , I had residences on all the local radio stations around Huddersfield and I must thank Dj Positive for giving me the opportunityto do so. Me and dj ruff justice had a license to play jungle on the air and we did it loud and proud on curfew jive and underground, But MC-ing never worked out for me. I didn’t have the confidence at the time and not to mention the terrible sound man …ermm sound man can you turn the mic up please….! I wanted to be a producer but lacked the skills and the knowledge.

After a while, I joined a crew – THE HITMAN CREW.. DJ DAN DREAD, DJ SUPADARK, DJ XPELL, MC SPICEY B, DARK ANGEL and AKA. Then I joined a production outfit called 3GIG.  Where we did a remix of a local artists, where I started working along side Holsta of Future Formations , 3 gig was a dubstep crew with DJ SUPADARK now DJ STee and Dan Dread no longer a deejay. After a couple of releases the dubstep faze was over, myresidence at POWAH was over after a host of bad deejaying experiences and we all set out on our solo careers.

After that period of time, I studied music theory, sound design and production.

I met up with Craig and Adam from Future Formation records and everything changed. My passion for dnb was back , my passionradiouk show was over but my bassport fm show was growing stronger.. then I met a guy called uwood and the doors began to open , quickly learning new skills and using different methods, I was determined to create some tracks and work with uwood on a collaboration together, You & Me on Deep Down Dirty was the first track where I began to believe in my own skills again . It’s at this point, my love for dnb has encouraged me to progress in this genre.

six months later, I was given the opportunity to release some of my own music by DDDDnb and the rest is just about to be written.

BassPort FM

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