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Shiva and Murk are two djs/producers based in Palermo, Italy. They started to share their sounds in 2010, and in the same year Murk met Mentha. Due to a great musical affinity they started working on a number of tunes and remixes, including the first Subaltern Records release.

Murk and Shiva are also members of MTD, a forward-thinking bass music collective based in London. Formed in 2009, Mind the Dubstep was founded by a group of like-minded musicians and DJs – Mentha, Rcadia, Shorty and Jobanti. The collective soon expanded to include Ghst and Ceo, with Sicily based Murk and Shiva headlining the crew in Italy.

Announcing and playing nights across London and Italy, Mind the Dubstep aims to support alternative bass music. They have performed alongside and supported artists including Coki, Tunnidge, Kutz, Soap Dodgers, Pistonsbenath, Content, Zion Train, Congo Dubz, Lost and Unitz.

Shiva and Murk also represent Dubstep Palermo, a collective with the aim of spreading the real sound of Dubstep in Sicily.

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